• Include walking in your regular exercise during the menopause years

    The Menopause Years – How to Survive Them

    How to Survive the Menopause Years How would you feel if I said that the Menopause years can be anything from two to three, up to ten and beyond? I first wrote about The Menopause four years ago, when I thought and hoped I was coming to the end of it.  If you had asked

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  • managing anxiety

    Managing Anxiety – Taming the Demon Within

    Managing Anxiety Although anxiety is a completely natural response to a situation which threatens our safety, unfortunately, it can sometimes get completely out of hand, causing severe panic attacks, uncontrollable fear and post traumatic stress.  Whatever the cause, whether a fear of flying or confined...

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  • 08/10/2017

    Anxiety – the demon within

    Anxiety- what does it mean to you? As with most disorders, anxiety covers a wide spectrum In general terms, you might rate it from low level anxiety about being late for work to extreme anxiety resulting from a severe trauma. However, you ask a hundred people what anxiety means to them and you will...

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  • alt=rumination and stress

    Rumination and self-blame

    Brooding too much on negative events is possibly the biggest predictor of anxiety and depression and determines the levels of stress people experience. This is called Rumination.

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  • 25/11/2015

    Christmas Stress and How to avoid it

    If you’re already feeling stressed and anxious about this coming Christmas, try doing it differently this year and make some changes in your usual arrangements. You might find it makes all the difference.

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