Relationship Counselling

  • Are you getting married and would like pre-marital counselling?
  • Has communication broken down between you?happy couple
  • Are you or your partner struggling with depression?
  • Wanting more intimacy?
  • Do all your conversations end in rows?
  • Does it feel as though you’re leading separate lives?
  • Does your relationship feel as though it’s lost its spark?
  • Need help with separation or divorce?
  • Starting a new relationship from a previous marriage/s and need help integrating step families.
  • Is your relationship in crisis following an affair?

With all the pressures of 21st Century life, relationships are under more pressure than ever before.  If you feel that your relationship has lost it’s way and don’t know how to get it back on track, then it’s worth thinking about seeking help. Many relationship problems are caused by a breakdown in communication and trust between partners.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together two years or twenty years, if you’re arguing all the time or even the opposite, not talking to each other any more, then just hoping that things will improve given time, is not the answer.

Couples often find that it’s easier to talk to each other in front of a Counsellor, because the Counsellor will not take sides or offer his or her opinion on the situation.  Also, being with a Counsellor can feel much safer, because the conversation is less likely to develop into an argument.

Another good reason for going to see a Counsellor, is that there are no distractions such as children,TV, or phone calls to get in the way of talking to your partner. Putting it simply, Relationship Counselling offers you a quiet, safe environment, where you can explore your issues with someone who can help you to see your relationship from a different perspective. The counsellor will help you both to explore the way you communicate with each other and  enable you to identify unhelpful patterns which result in misunderstandings and arguments.

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Appointments cost £65.00 for 75 mins.

**Please note that 24 hours notice is required for cancellations, including the first session. Cancellations of less than 24 hours notice, will incur a charge of the full cost of the session.**






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