Through both personal and professional experience, I have become particularly interested in working with issues around mid-life and beyond. From our 40’s/50’s onwards we may well have to cope with multiple issues and perhaps:

  • Feel weighed down by conflicting responsibilities for children and older relatives
  • Experience relationship difficulties
  • Experience fertility problems
  • Go through mid-life crisis
  • Have employment issues eg workplace stress, or redundancy
  • Are grieving the death of a parent
  • Struggle with the Menopause
     As we get older, we may need to adjust to:

  • Living with ill-health,
  • Caring for a loved one
  • Living alone following bereavement



mid life counselling cheshireAll of the above can cause stress and low mood, which may lead to long-term anxiety and depression if positive coping mechanisms are not in place.

If you can identify with any of these issues and feel that your anxiety and stress are affecting your ability to cope, or are worried that you might have depression, I can work with you to raise your self-awareness, find positive coping mechanisms and improve your resilience. In some situations, our families and friends are not always the best people to help us.

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